Let’s make some news.

Levi Pulkkinen here. I am a reporter, editor and digital newsmaker, most recently with SeattlePI. I tell interesting truths, and help my colleagues do the same. If you have a Seattle story that needs telling, some editing help or a me-shaped hole in your newsroom, please hit me up at levi@seattlejournalist.com, tweet at me @levipulk or connect with me on LinkedIn.

As a reporter, my stories center on conflict, usually in the courts. Disputes reveal larger truths that readers can access through narrative journalism or issue-centered reporting. I have used the courts to explore problems in the mental health care system, the mishandling of medically fragile children and a billionaire’s treatment of his security detail. For a look at some of my best work, check out my greatest hits page.

Journalism has been a blast, though not without its bumps. The big one came in March 2009, when my hometown newspaper and employer, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, stopped printing and became the first American newspaper to go online-only. I stayed to make that work, rising to senior editor before stepping away in April 2018 following a change in editorial direction.

As a freelancer, I deliver timely, accurate coverage of breaking news in the Pacific Northwest for a wide audience. I go deep on regional events that speak to larger themes, and turn enterprise stories on topics of national interest. My work has appeared in The Guardian, The Appeal, The San Francisco Chronicle and at least one brewery wall. My deep thoughts on journalism can be found in this Columbia Journalism Review essay.

Beyond the journalist’s work, I have sharpened the new tools of our trade, developing an expertise in search engine optimization and homepage management while continuing my education in data-driven reporting.

Nearly a decade of online experience has left me believing journalism’s best days are ahead. Let me help you make news.